Reading Groups

Across the U.S.A., and throughout the realm of cyberspace, there are often reading groups, discussion groups, lectures, classes, study groups, and other events devoted to Anthony Trollope and his works. See also The Trollope Society’s Events listing for more lectures and other activities.

New York City Reading Group; New York

Led by scholar and Trollope Society director N. John “Jack” Hall, our New York City Reading Group typically meets monthly for three months in the Winter and again in the Fall to discuss the works of Trollope and related authors. There is no cost to attend, and meetings are held in on West 34th Street in Manhattan. To participate, follow the Society on Facebook, sign up for our mailing list, or check our Events listings. More information.

Boston Athenæum Trollope Discussion Group; Boston

The Trollope Discussion Group meets the 1st Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. at the Boston Athenæum. Over the past several years, Trollope enthusiasts have have completed all of Trollope’s novels, yet many have decided to read them all over again.  Sometimes the group complements their reading list with another contemporary novelist or a biography. More information.

Trollope and His Contemporaries; Online

We are a group of people who behave as friends and read and discuss Anthony Trollope, any 19th texts by other authors and 20th century one relevant to Trollope, by authors as supremely good as he is as a writer People are invited to discuss other books they are reading at the same time, and any movies or art seen and music heard. I ask that everyone use his or her real name, provide a brief introduction, and behave courteously. We have an informal calendar schedule, don’t practice spoiler warnings or a volunteer system for posting summaries. We discuss relevant politics as well — Trollope is an important political novelist. We would like everyone who comes to regard the place as somewhere to express and enjoy yourself with others.) More information.

Group Reading of Anthony Trollope; Online

Founded in January 1994, this is the web’s oldest and largest online Trollope reading group. Devoted entirely to the literature of Anthony Trollope, this very active international group of Trollope fans and scholars approaches Trollope’s work in segments and engages in close readings and specific discussions. Although the group depends on membership participation, lurkers are welcome. Members also now have the option of joining “Otherlit,” an exclusive allied group studying other literature, an experience enriched by the members’ mutual knowledge of Trollope.  More information.

Anthony Trollope Society; Facebook

(Not affiliated with the Trollope Society.) For appreciators of Trollope worldwide, with discussions and occasional group reads of the author’s works. More information.

Contact us with information about other Trollope-related reading events.