History of the Society

Interestingly, interest in the Victorian author Anthony Trollope has long been a part of the American literary scene. The The Trollope SocietyTrollope Society based in New York and the Trollope Society based in London were both preceded by the Trollope Society of Philadelphia, which the noted bibliophile A. Edward Newton  founded in 1929. Newton published a pamphlet in which he enthused:

I have something to suggest which will take our minds off our troubles…. A source of reading, the cheapest and most delightful pastime there is. And, in order that we may forget, I suggest a course of reading of the good old Victorian novels of Anthony Trollope.

The Trollope Society’s American branch was founded by Wall Street financier Albert H. Gordon in 1989 in New York in response to a growing community of American enthusiasts of Trollope. Its purpose, like its precursor in England, is to promote interest in — and awareness of — the work of Anthony Trollope.

The Trollope Society in the U.K. was founded in 1987 with an aim to facilitate the publication of the Complete Works of Anthony Trollope in 48 volumes in cooperation with The Folio Society.

Today, the Trollope Society continues to grow in the U.S., with regular events in New York and elsewhere, as well as an expanding online presence on Facebook and this website.

We invite you to join The Trollope Society and share the pleasures of reading Anthony Trollope.