Amarnick & Wiseman on “The Duke’s Children” at the Yale Club

Amarnick & WisemanEminent Trollopians Steven Amarnick and Robert Wiseman delivered a lecture at the Yale Club on January 13, 2016, that was attended by many members of the Society. Entitled “The Lost Chronicle of Omnium,” the duo described the work they carried out to painstakingly recreate the full original text of The Duke’s Children, which was edited down from a four-volume length to a three-volume length at the request of Trollope’s original publisher. Their work took more than a decade and resulted in the publication by The Folio Society in 2015 of the first complete edition of The Duke’s Children.

While copies of the deluxe limited edition of The Duke’s Children may still be purchased from The Folio Society, Amarnick announced during the lecture that arrangements are underway for the publication of a lower-cost trade edition for release in 2017. More details will be provided to members as it becomes available.

Steven Amarnick & Robert Wiseman

Steven Amarnick & Robert Wiseman
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Posted on: January 16th, 2016 by Douglas Gerlach

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